New City Council Said It Will Not Renew City Manager’s Contract


coaster-news-200-newOn behalf of the incoming members of the Asbury Park City Council, this statement will confirm that on Dec. 18 Jack Kelly was advised that the new Council does not intend to appoint him to the City Manager position under the new “Council-Manager” form of government which takes effect as of Jan. 1.

Kelly’s current contract expires Dec. 31. He has served as city manager for approximately one yer.

The statement also said the new Council thanked Kelly for his dedication and service to the residents of Asbury Park over the last year, and to offer hime their best wishes for his future endeavors.

At the Council’s Reorganization Meeting scheduled noon Jan. 1 the council intends to appoint Anthony Nuccio, who currently serves as the City’s Director of Community Relations and Social Services and as the Deputy City Manager, to the position of City Manager in an “Acting” capacity for a period of ninety (90) days or until a permanent appointment to the position of City Manager has been made, whichever occurs first.

Nuccio has previously served as the City Manager in a similar “Acting” capacity. Given the City’s status as a transitional aid municipality, the incoming Council has consulted with representatives of the State’s Division of Local Government Services regarding this matter, and the State has provided its consent to the incoming Council’s course of action.

In a statement released by Kelly he said he wished city officials continued success and said he was “delighted to have built on my predecessor’s accomplishments.”

“City revenues are up noticeably and a substantial decrease in crime will be posted over the previous year,” his statement said. “Groundwork is also in place for more housing starts to take place in 2015 than ever before. Initiatives organized in 2014 should take final shape in the ensuing months. The Bangs Avenue parking garage will be properly “signed” and new gate access will provide parking to the general public seven days a week. A robust CCTV system and new boardwalk lighting will further enhance public safety and provide, literally and figuratively, the conduit for future public Wi-Fi. Considering access to the internet is both ubiquitous and necessary to compete in today’s world, Asbury Park will take the lead. The City by the Sea will be poised to be the first beachfront community to provide free internet access for beachgoers and residents of the City’s Southwest side. The Code Enforcement Unit has been overhauled; new leadership is on track to aggressively pursue absentee landlords who contribute to blight and abandoned properties. And yes, credit cards will be an acceptable form of payment for seasonal and daily beach badges.

“Finally, I’d like to give a special shout-out to those ministers participating in the City’s Chaplaincy Program as they continue to assist the City in bridging any perceived divide with the West Side community. Their work is immeasurable.

“In short, this small, historic, diverse, Bohemian community is a jewel and a fabulous place to be.”

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