Sleeping in Public Places Ordinance Tabled in Asbury Park


An ordinance governing sleeping in public places was tabled for the third time at the recent Asbury Park City Council meeting.

Council attempted to introduce the ordinance at the Aug. 8 meeting after a resident complained about several quality of life issues in the city including the number of people who sleep outside.

The resident who lives near the beachfront, said at an August meeting that many people sleep under the scaffolding at the former YMCA building on Main Street.

The construction project began over two years ago and appears to be halted at this time.

“It’s an eyesore,” he said.

Deputy Mayor Amy Quinn agreed at the time that there should be a time limit put on scaffolding but said as long as it is a permitted active construction site the scaffolding can stay.City Attorney Fred Raffetto said at the time there were too many items in the ordinance that violate state law and it was tabled.

Council tried in September to introduce the ordinance but it was tabled at the time without comment.

At the Oct. 24 meeting an amended ordinance with several lines crossed out was again proposed for introduction but was tabled.

The items crossed out had to do with the definition of loiter, such as comments regarding obstructing free unhampered passage of pedestrians or vehicles and conduct involving standing idly, loafing or walking aimlessly.

Retained in the tabled ordinance were comments prohibiting sleeping on public beaches or in vehicles on public streets.

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