A Gnome Now Gone from Home


garden-gnomes_i-G-20-2036-7HZ4D00ZBy JOSEPH SAPIA

Gerome is a gnome,
Now, he is gone from his home,
From a trove,
In Ocean Grove,
At 116 Avenue Cookman,
At the home of the family Mileham,
Taken from his wicker chair,
No clues left behind, nary a hair,
He liked to hang out there,
With his friend, Cate, a rainbow-colored caterpillar,
“Please,” Cate said, “bring back my gnome: purple hat, yellow pants, long white beard,
“Put him back ‘neath the tree and no scolding there’ll be, shouts of joy on the street will be heard,”
Bring him back soon,
So, poems such this no longer loom,
All over a gnome,
His name, Gerome.

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