In Bradley Beach: Life saving stations have been installed at the beachfront in Bradley Beach


bradley beach life saving stationBradley Beach Police Chief Leonard A. Guida said three life-saving stations have been installed on the beaches at Park Place Avenue, Brinley Avenue and Third Avenue.

The stations consist of a cabinet that contains a life ring with a rope and instructional signage.

Guida reminds residents, however, that the first step in any emergency situation is to call 911 or use the direct line at 732-775 -6900.

Citizens can pull open the life ring cabinet and deploy the life ring and rope by throwing the ring directly towards the swimmer in distress or, into the rip current for floating travel at a greater distance.

Guida said a person should keep the swimmer in their view which is the safest way possible in order to direct first responders to the swimmers precise or last seen location.

The chief advises that a life ring is one of the most effective ways to save a drowning victim, especially from docks and beaches.

“We thank Bill Fancher, Supervisor ofthe Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team, who was instrumental in bringing this concept to fruition,” Guida said. “This initiative provides another option to the general public by adding practical and easily deployable equipment, rather than entering the ocean and possibly placing themselves in danger. We consistently try to educate the public on the dangers of the ocean, however we continuously see swimmers ignore the warnings. We have some of the best life guards along the shore as well as our local and county water rescue teams. However, the majority of swimmers in distress calls occur when the life guards are off duty and beaches are closed.”

Guida said the  police department with the support of the governing body will continue to look at best practices to ensure the highest level of public safety for the residents and visitors of Bradley Beach.

The best  method for ensuring public safety requires outreach to educate the public on the potential dangers of the ocean, which is a huge part of this initiative, police said.

Guida also stressed that no one should swim on unguarded beaches and they should always heed the red flag warnings, as well as media alerts at all times.

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