Ocean Grove 3-Hour Parking Limit Planned



Limited three-hour parking on Main Avenue and more parking spaces on Central Avenue will be created in Ocean Grove under two ordinances introduced by the Township Committee this week.

Public hearings on both ordinances will be held May 24.

Under the ordinances. limited three-hour parking will be imposed on Main Avenue, between Central and New York Avenues, from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. It will be in effect from May 15 through Sept. 15 every year but, if approved, it will not begin until around June 15 this year.

Deputy Mayor Carol Rizzo said the ordinance is designed to create more parking turnover in the business district. She said many people park in the business for much of the day to go to the beach in the summer.

“This creates a better turnover,” she said.

Committeeman Michael Brantley said he would like more information about how the limited-hour parking will affect residents living above the commercial properties.

Business Administrator Vito Gadaleta said that the move has the support of the Chamber of Commerce and that most residents living above the stores will be at work during the weekday hours.

“It is something worth trying out,” Committeeman Kevin McMillan said.

The second ordinance will create 29 parking spaces by imposing angle parking on the east side of Central Avenue from Broadway to Clark Street.

Gadaleta said the new parking can be created almost immediately after the ordinance is adopted.

The Chamber of Commerce, the Ocean Grove Homeowners Association and others have been advocating for some meaningful changes to increase parking in Ocean Grove, especially during the summer.

Many ideas and proposals have been kicked around over the last two years, and three-hour parking was among them.

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