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Asbury Park Taxpayers Should Get Break on Municipal Taxes This Year

  Asbury Park taxpayers will get a break their municipal tax rate this year but the exact amount is hard to determine due to a recent citywide property revaluation. “Regarding the tax rate, you are not looking at apples to apples this year because of the revaluation,” acting Chief Financial Officer Richard Gartz said. The budget was introduced at the City Council’s March 5 meeting and a public hearing will be scheduled in the future with possible amendments to the budget. The total $39,242,859 budget is down from last year’s $41,372,555 amount. Gartz said this is due to $1.4 million…

A Game of Chicken in Ocean

  Pictured above – Timmy Koukoumis holds a rooster which he keeps in his yard on Larkin Place in the Oakhurst section of Ocean Township. By JOSEPH SAPIA A game of chicken is being played in Ocean Township and, so far, no one is backing off. The conflict basically surrounds the 15 Rhode Island Reds – one rooster and 14 hens — and their pen and attached coops at the Koukoumis family home at 395 Larkin Place in the Oakhurst section of the township. The specifics: Zoning Officer Jerome P. Donlon says the poultry and their home are farm animals,…

Shark River Dredging Hits Dead End

  By DON STINE Plans to dredge the Shark River hit a dead end last week after state officials said a proposed dewatering site for dredge project was not a viable economic option. In a March 6 letter, state Sen. Jennifer Beck and Monmouth County Freeholder Thomas Arnone advised the Monmouth County Park System that the state Department of Transportation (DOT) said it will not fund placing dredge spoils on a 16-acre tract on the river’s edge at the county’s Shark River Park, off Old Corlies Avenue. The letter said that the DOT ruled that the use of the park…

In Bradley Beach: From Honoring to Mourning

  By JOSPEH SAPIA Cynthia Brady, Bradley Beach’s beloved recreation director, died unexpectedly during the Tuesday-Wednesday overnight, within hours of being honored upon her retirement by the mayor and Borough Council. “From honoring her to mourning her in less than 12 hours,” said Mayor Gary Engelstad. The circumstances of her death were not immediately available. By mid-day Wednesday, word circulated around the borough Brady, believed to be in her late 40s, had died. “She was just a terrific, wonderful person,” said Brenda Connolly, who owns an area real estate business and lives in Bradley Beach. Connolly, told of the death…

What do you think about the teen suing her parents?

  Spoiled brat or legit legal case?  THE COASTER asked Shore area residents, “What do you think about the teen suing her parents?”  this week – and here are their verdicts:

Out & About

  All Coaster Photos taken by Mike Kearns.  

Do you think our recent weather patterns are as a result of global warming?

  The COASTER asked the following Shore area residents, “Do you think our recent weather patterns are as a result of global warming?” this week…and here’s what they had to say:

CLASSIFIED: Items Wanted

  CLASSIFIED: The Jersey Shore Rescue Mission (Located at the corner of Memorial and Asbury Aves. in Asbury Park) will host a giant garage sale on Friday, April 25th and Saturday, April 26th. We are seeking donated items, much like you would find at a garage sale. We have over an acre of space, indoor and out and are also offering FREE space those interested in selling their own merchandise over that 2 day period. Please call Ken at 732-807-3506 for more information. ADVERTISE in The Coaster HERE.

First the Snow, Cold…Now the Potholes

  By JOSEPH SAPIA In this winter of endless plowable snowfalls and daily high temperatures that are quite low, the weather has been a major discussion topic. So, too, another major topic has been a result of the weather: potholes, basically caused by moisture in the pavement of roadways freezing and thawing. “This year is taking a toll on the roads, no doubt,” said Rich Bianchi, operating supervisor in Bradley Beach’s public works department, adding there is other damage, such as that caused by snowplows hitting curbs. “We’re seeing more potholes than normal,” said John W. Tobia, director of the…