Upgrades at Beachfront in Bradley Beach


coaster-news-200-newBy PETE WALTON

Beachgoers can expect major changes for the better in Bradley Beach this summer.

The lifeguard station is getting an upgrade and beach tag booths will have a new exterior of wooden shingles, replacing cracked and crumbling stucco.

Twelve new trash and recycling stations will be in place and the repaired beachfront fountain, which Mayor Gary Engelstad described as “stunning,” will make its debut in May, according to Business Administrator Kelly Barrett.

At the Borough Council meeting earlier this week, Barrett said that costs for the oceanfront work were much less than had been anticipated.

She said an unused information booth near Brinley Avenue will be replaced by a tag booth, reducing congestion in that area at peak times.

The Borough Council had planned to vote on an ordinance regarding parking of commercial vehicles in the borough. The vote was tabled to allow Councilman Harold Cotler to make additional recommendations. Cotler asked for three residents to serve on a committee to help assess the situation. The councilman said those interested in volunteering should contact administrator Barrett at Borough Hall.

Borough Engineer Gerald Freda of Leon S. Avakian Inc. Consulting Engineers reported that the replacement of promenade railings has been completed and the contractor can now be paid.

Councilman Randy Bonnell said that he inspected the railings and found that 25 to 30 percent of the set screws on the lower rail were missing.

Freda said he will look into the issue before the contractor is paid.

The borough will be reimbursed for the project by the Federal Emergency Management Agency because the damage was caused by the 2012 Sandy storm.

Also at its meeting, the council approved a bid of $2,500 from Sometimes Surf LLC of Point Pleasant to operate a summer surf camp on the beach.

Councilman John Weber said that the Bradley Beach Elementary School will hold a talent show on Thurs., Feb. 22 at 7 p.m. Weber also reported that the boys basketball team finished its season with a record of 12 wins and only two losses.

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