Nagle’s Closed for Now, But Hopes Reopening Within a Year

Replica of an historic menu at Nagle’s. File photo.


Nagle’s Apothecary Café in Ocean Grove will not reopen this summer, much to the disappointment of many Ocean Grove visitors and residents, including those lining down the sidewalk in the summer evening for the restaurant’s well-known ice cream window.

But don’t worry, the restaurant will be back – but just not this summer, owner Lenny Steen said.

“Nagle’s will not be open for the rest of the summer due to personal reasons. I do not intend to sell the building and, when the time is right, we will reopen,” he said.

He said he hopes to reopen Nagle’s within a year.

“I am heartbroken that there is a health issue (with another person). We never stopped at Nagle’s until this came along,” Steen said.

Since its opening in 2000, Nagle’s, at 43 Main Avenue, has been open all-year-long from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m.

Steen said its food and its famous ice cream window “worked hand-in-hand” to make the restaurant a success.

“I can’t wait to come back and I want to thank every person in Ocean Grove who sent us letters, cards, or just came knocking on the door saying thank you,” he said.

Steen said there is “a strong sense of self for the community” at Nagle’s – one of the most recognizable downtown landmarks in Ocean Grove.

Founded in 1901, Nagle’s was originally an apothecary shop and memorabilia from the pharmacy’s past is displayed in cases on the restaurant’s walls.

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