QVC Host Finds New Home, Opportunity in Bradley Beach



BRADLEY BEACH – Regular viewers of the QVC Shopping Channel will recognize Jane DeNoble as one of the channel’s regular hosts and know that she’s well organized because of the numerous time saving products she’s introduced on the air. Now, the new resident of Bradley Beach has been named head of the town’s Garden Club and is helping organize a beautification effort in the borough.

DeNoble says she’s still unpacking in her new home but once she expressed an interest in becoming involved in the beautification effort, her realtor, Brenda Connolly, suggested she call the Chamber of Commerce and that call to Executive Director Shirley Ayers opened the door to her new community. Connolly also happens to be president of the chamber and DeNoble attended her first meeting of the chamber’s Main Street Beautification Committee and was immediately welcomed.

DeNoble said she was looking for a home along the shore and wasn’t too familiar with Bradley Beach but immediately liked what the town had to offer.

“I can walk to anything,” she says and can ride a bicycle to Main Street or to the beach, “And it’s not on a barrier island.”

She says people should be more aware of litter and trash and when they see it, pick it up off the ground and throw it out. Beach Cinema owner John Esposito, chamber vice president and head of the Main Street beautification effort, says they will be cleaning out the tree wells on Main Street and placing hanging baskets along the street as well. He said he’s delighted to have DeNoble offering to help. For her part, DeNoble says “once we start, it will become contagious.”

Esposito already sees improvement in the appearance of businesses along the Main Street corridor and points to some significant changes with the new Ground Round restaurant and Bradley Lanes Bowling Center and the facelift at the Rain Tunnel Car Wash, and he too believes the Main St. beautification effort is gaining momentum. And just last week, Bradley Beach held its first town wide “civic pride day” to encourage everyone to do his part

Jane DeNoble, who has been with QVC for 13 years, doesn’t consider the 90-minute commute to the channel’s West Chester, Pa. studio a problem. Bradley Beach is also about 90-minutes from Manhattan where she regularly goes to appear in commercials and an occasional TV drama, like “Law and Order SVU.” The Wyckoff, Bergen County native moved to Bradley Beach from Warren.

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