$60,000 Scam in Ocean


coaster-news-200-newOcean Township police are looking at a Maryland man, accused of stealing $60,000 from a township resident in a counterfeiting money scam.

The wanted man is Leonnard Youtcha, 42, of Laurel, Md., whom police have charged with theft by deception.

Police provided this narrative:

On Aug. 18, the alleged victim reported he had had contact with a person on the Internet who claimed he had a money-making opportunity. Eventually, Youtcha met the victim at a township residence. Youtcha reportedly said he had a way to counterfeit money by taking real currency, placing it between two pieces of paper and pouring a solution on it. The paper, after a few hours, was to appear to be real money.

The victim provided $60,000 in $100 bills. Youtcha left the residence and the victim realized his money was missing.

Detective Michael Melody was able to identify the accused as Youtcha, police said. Officer John Hanna was the original responding officer.

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