Heroes and Their Stories at the Ocean Township Library


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Does your child have a hero?

The Ocean Township Library is hosting its summer reading program with the theme “Every Hero Has a Story.” The program centers on heroes who include superheroes and local heroes such as police officers and firefighters. All of the programs for the summer are based on the Collaborative Summer Reading theme, according to Kate Benedict, Monmouth County Children’s Librarian at the Ocean Township Library as well as the Little Silver branch.

“Ocean Library has a large community of summer vacationers that use the library also. I have been told that they love this library, looking forward to returning each year. They find the library friendlier than their New York one, the library building to be inviting and the material current. There is also strong local community usage of the library. We are present in the community as a great resource and community center. I have also worked to build strong relationships with the local schools,” Benedict said.

The kickoff party, which was June 18, featured Muscle Man Mike who presented “The Healthiest Show on Earth: A Fit for Kids Show.” The end-of-the-summer party is set for Aug. 12 at 4 or 5:30 p.m. with “Nature Heroes” by Walaby Tales. Children must earn tickets by completing the summer reading program.

Benedict said in order for kids to participate in the program they must sign up online and log in their time into the program.

Summer reading begins at the Pre-K level and continues till age 18 years +. Pre-K-1 is Read to Me, “Every Hero Has a Story” and 20 books read to the child. Grades one through five is Vacation Reading Club “Every Hero Has a Story,” read by hours, prizes at 4, 6, 8 plus extra raffles. Grades 6 through 12 is “Unmasked” Teen Club read 800+ pages. Age 18 years + is “Escape the Ordinary” Adult Club, read four books.

Benedict said that she believes kids enjoy reading in the summer and they look forward to the library.

“Many of the children that visit the library have a genuine interest in reading and visiting the library. Selecting stacks of books, children leave happily with their next reading adventure. I also have discussions with the children about their favorite books and many of them are happy to tell me all about the story they have read,” she said.

She noted that reading during the summer months helps children to retain the information they learned during the school year and carry it over into the next year.

“It keeps their minds working during the slow summer months. I believe that reading with your children encourages a love of education and learning. Parents are the first teachers of children. By participating in the reading program as a family, parents can instill the love and value of learning through literature,” Benedict added.

For more information about summer baby storytime, toddler storytime, preschool storytime and school=age storytime go online to Welcome to The Monmouth County Library and click on children or call Ocean Township Library at 732-531-5092.

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